Helping teachers, parents and coaches organize, promote and manage highly successful running programs for children.




The CENTER FOR CHILDREN’S RUNNING is a coaching program, not for children, but for adults. It offers direction to teachers, coaches, recreation leaders and parents on how to structure their running programs so that children will get the most out of their running experience and want to continue running. It discusses how to provide a safe, age-appropriate and enriching environment for children, how to keep them motivated, what is healthy for children and what isn’t, how to organize kids runs, and how to keep children coming back for more. It is not an alternative to existing programs, but a means to make those programs even better.


JUST RUN is a highly successful children’s running and healthy-decisions program of the Big Sur International Marathon. In 2012, more than 90 schools in California and eleven other states hosted JUST RUN programs. Susan Love, Program Administrator and Michael Dove, Program Developer, say the Center for Children’s Running offers “…so many great ideas for running activities on your website that we are going to refer our JUST RUN leaders to it for ideas and motivation.” Great! Thank you. That is what we endeavor to accomplish. To learn more about the JUST RUN Program, just click on the icon to the left or visit


The CENTER FOR CHILDREN'S RUNNING and the School of Sports Management at NOVA Southeastern University recently conducted a major, nationwide research study on kids' running - the first of its kind. The purpose of the study was to determine how high school coaches view children running in age-group competitions and road races at distances once thought too far for children, and the impact these have on the child's future participation in running. For those who participated in the survey, THANKS! The response was great. The full results will be published soon. In the meantime, we will be posting quotes from many of the respondents on this website.


Check out How to Teach Kids to Love Running now on the Running Times magazine website. It discusses the importance of making discovery and opportunities for success part of children's running, as well as the need to allow kids to enjoy a sense of ownership and belonging. Just click on the Running Times icon.

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