Helping teachers, parents and coaches organize, promote and manage highly successful running programs for children. 

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Douglas Finley has coached young runners for more than 40 years: as a middle school and high school coach, through his career in municipal parks and recreation and by organizing summer and after-school running programs for children. In 2010, Doug founded the Center for Children’s Running, a web-based initiative committed to providing parents and coaches with the tools to build successful children’s running programs.

Doug, a lifetime runner and fitness athlete, holds two degrees in Physical Education from Western Michigan University. During his professional career, Doug held leadership positions in city and state government; oversaw the implementation of a nationally recognized educational curriculum for children and served on the adjunct faculty at Michigan State University. In 2003, he was inducted into the WMU Alumni Honor Academy.

Doug's first major published work, titled How to Teach Kids to Love Running, appeared in Running Times Magazine. It is now posted on the Runner's World website.

In 2014, Doug co-authored Fun & Fitness - The Mileage Club Way with Dr. Charles Kuntzleman. The Mileage Club, a property of Fitness Finders, Inc., is the recognized leader in children's running. Mileage Club programs are now offered in more than 20,000 schools in the U.S. and Canada with children posting over five million miles annually during recess, lunch hour and after school. 

In 2015 Doug created a research partnership with NOVA Southeastern University to collect input from more than 500 cross  country coaches across the country on issues relating to youth running and its implications on continued participation in the sport.

Doug is now completing his second book on children's running.


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